5 March 2022

The aim of this day was to raise awareness of what was involved in the plan, what it could and could not achieve and note what people felt were the key issues the village faces.

The first display boards seen as you entered were about Neighbourhood Plans. People were invited to walk around the walls of the hall to see all the displays on local issues and needs and give comments verbally or in writing.

Displays covered:

  • Neighbourhood plans
  • Environment
  • Zero Carbon
  • Housing
  • Amenities
  • Businesses
  • Transport
  • Cubs & scouts consultation

As visitors left they were asked to give feedback on whether they supported the idea of a NP or not and what were the key issues for them.

A large number of community groups with displays showing their activities available were arranged down the centre of the hall also ready to chat to visitors.

The boards presented can be seen below.