Policy to protect harston’s rural character and heritage

We should, where the opportunity arises, encourage residents, developers and statutory authorities to keep and enhance the overall rural feel, character and biodiversity of the village by protecting and retaining:

  • Trees identified as contributing to the rural character of the village and applying for Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) for them (follow our guide to getting a TPO for trees you think deserve one)

  • Existing hedgerows and hedgerow boundaries where they act as a buffer zone to the Cambridge green belt and Important Countryside Frontages. High, obtrusive fence replacements are discouraged.

  • Green verges by roads and Green areas (such as The Green and Memorial Green) by naming clearly and maintaining well, including an overhaul of all signs, layout, trees etc

  • The setting around the Important Countryside Frontages in Church Street, High Street and Station Road so any future development/change enhances the rural character of the village

  • The Button End green belt frontage/areas/fields and enhancing with hedgerow and footpath maintenance

  • Conservation Area & Orchard area by promoting them as example of past land uses and identifying other similar areas or possible nature reserves.

To keep the character of the historic environment of the village we should encourage:

  • Retention of traditional/historical buildings

  • Protection of the settings of listed buildings or buildings of historical interest

  • Low-density housing with gardens

  • Appropriate range of housing, including a range of sizes and styles, traditional in character or appropriate to their setting – to include bungalows, terraces, semi-detached and detached

  • Identification of a Key Heritage Area for Harston from the Parish Church to Baggot Hall and along the High Street to just beyond Park House, where pre-1900 development had taken place and includes most historic buildings/buildings of interest

  • Conservation of industrial heritage by identifying past pits such as coprolite activity and chalk/lime/gravel extraction

  • Conservation and protection of Harston’s artesian wells & pumps – 7 identified to date

Produced by Harston Local History Group, Oct 2017 after consultation with Harston Residents Group and other villagers at its 2017 Community Development Day.

Amended March 2018 after consultation with Harston Parish Council.