1.     Approval to undertake the plan (complete)

2.     Community notification to undertake the plan (complete)

3.     Establish a steering committee and working groups (established)

4.     Approved Designation of the plan area (Complete)

5.     Background information: The policies and recommendations in the plan will be evidence based. This process will involve looking at the parish past, current and future to build a picture of where we have been, where we are now and where we are likely to be in the future  (mostly complete)

6.     Gathering the views of the community: The most critical part of the plan; engaging the community through surveys, attendance at events and workshops and finally, the Referendum  (underway)

7.     Preparing the draft plan (in final stages)

8.     Consultation and submission of draft Plan (Regulation 14) (soon April 2024)

9.     Independent Examination  (future)

10. Final Stage Referendum   (future)