Harston Landscape Character Types (as identified by GCLP Landscape Character Assessment )

Lowland Village Chalklands: a low lying, but gently rolling arable landscape through the south and east of Greater Cambridge. It is dissected by small streams and has a distinctive pattern of nucleated villages and patchwork of woodlands and shelterbelts.

Lowland Village Farmlands: a well settled, low lying landscape that covers a large part of Greater Cambridge; extending from the north, around the west of Cambridge and through the south of the Study Area. The high density of settlement, intensive agriculture and major transport infrastructure contribute to an often busy, rural landscape.

Valley Meadowlands: flat, low lying valley floors that extend through the landscape south of Cambridge. The Valley Meadowlands support pastoral land use, associated with notable watercourses/rivers. They are generally unsettled, with occasional areas of Carr woodland and gravel extraction lakes or ancient meres.

A selection of important views within our landscape were contributed by local residents/working group using the landscape guidance example sheet shown and were displayed at the 8th May 2023 Coronation Day event on the Rec and at the Annual General Parish meeting on 25th May. The questionnaire results, vision and early objectives were also displayed.

The displays shown are below: