Neighbourhood Plan team volunteers.

Steering group: Dealing with various support organisations & pulling together the overall activities & attends neighbourhood planning meetings

  • Dom Bellamy: Chair PC/ general management
  • Paru Naik: Chair HNP, parish councillor, project management
  • Hilary Roadley: Vice chair HNP, previous planning experience, research skills, Harston History chair/workshop participant, project management

Working Group: Attends neighbourhood plan meetings with Steering Group.

  • Rupert Pearce-Gould: business expertise/parish councillor
  • Paul Ormerod: Environmental assessments/parish councillor/ workshop participant
  • Charlotte Clarke: event management / amenities/parish councillor/ workshop participant
  • Irene Richards: past councillor/ housing/amenities/ workshop participant
  • Trevor Goldberg: business expertise/ general help/ workshop participant
  • Julie Seekings: landscape bio survey, NP meetings
  • Linda Littlefair: school governor/workshop participant

Other contributions to/specific tasks for neighbourhood planning:

  • Jessica Ward: admin, notifications, posters, etc
  • Joy Richardson: Chair HRG/help with events/ workshop participant
  • Russell Phillippo: general help/ workshop participant
  • Peter Hayde: Engineer/ transport/help with events
  • Brian Williamson: transport/help with events
  • Jan Nanor: transport/help with events/ workshop participant
  • Claire Cock-Starkey: help with events/HRG newsletter (HRG=Harston Residents Group)/ workshop participant
  • Vince Blocke: help with events/ workshop participant
  • Beki Korbe: advice natural environment/biodiversity/ help with events/ workshop participant
  • Mathew Law: mapping
  • Carrie Broughton: mapping/ workshop participant
  • Lucy Spokes: Science, data analysis & presentation, help with events       
  • Julia Bolden: Market Research advice for Questionnaire/input re google forms
  • Iain Attenborough: website info update
  • Fabio Puddu: village website
  • Alastair Oatey: Chair School governors, online Questionnaire design/feedback forms/input & data presentation
  • Sandy Carroll: parish councillor/pavilion amenities
  • David Steirer: help with events/deliveries
  • Paru Oatey: sales/ workshop participant
  • Mary Benwell: workshop participant, landscape bio survey
  • Keith Benwell: workshop participant, landscape bio survey
  • Alison Leibling: workshop participant
  • William Hurrell: landowner/workshop participant
  • Laurence Haslop: workshop participant
  • Angela Gardiner: data analysis advice
  • Reg Seeking: Landscape/biodiversity day
  • Steve Bentley: Landscape/biodiversity day
  • Amanda Bentley: Landscape/biodiversity day
  • Alison Thornton: landscape bio survey
  • Roger Thornton: landscape bio survey
  • Ruth Golberg: landscape bio survey
  • Nik Millar landscape bio survey, active travel

Volunteer deliverers of publicity material – covering different sections of the village:
Beki Korb, Russell Phillippo, Dom Bellamy, Charlotte Clarke, Hilary Roadley, Lucy Spokes, Paru Naik, Marion Hughes, June & Graham Boakes, Julie & Reg Seekings, Carol Stafford, Janet Birchmore, Richard Birchmore, Peter Hayde, Charlotte Clarke, Gaynor Hayde, Linda Churchman, Jan Nanor, Sylvia Low, Mike Luffman, Angela Gardiner, Margaret Greeves, Margot Scott, Brian Williamson, David Steirer