During February and March the Planning Consultant and Harston Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (NPWG) are working on finalising Harston’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan. In addition to our volunteer mapper, we gained grant funding for one day’s work by a professional mapper who will be creating many of the final maps to be included. Neighbourhood Plans are expected to use maps to show the locations affected by any policies they put forward.

South Cambs are already looking at a rough draft of the NP and we have asked Locality for technical hep to provide a Strategic Enivronmental Assessment, needed as the NP wishes to allocate sites for future housing development. Harston’s NP Site Options & Assessment Final Report has just been received from AECOM and summarises the potential for sites assessed.

Harston NPWG are in the process of completing a summary booklet of the policies put forward and a form to feedback your comments on. This is in readiness for the Regulation 14 consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan which we expect to run from Monday 22nd April until end of Monday 11 June.

Before consultation starts all residents will receive a brief summary of the plan and a feedback form which you can drop into the box in the PO or … You can also feedback on-line, which we prefer, as this would help us save time logging all your written responses.

There will be three drop-in sessions at the Village Hall where you can look at an exhibition showing NP policies and relevant maps, as well as see a hard copy of the plan, and can ask questions:

Thursday 25th April at the Annual Parish Meeting which starts at 7pm (see PC website for agenda);

Sat 4 May 10.30-12.30 at Better Brew Café and in afternoon 2-5pm;

Sat 1st June 10.30-12.30 at Better Brew Café

Save the dates to ask questions or give your response.

Regulation 14 Consultation of Harston’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan

22 April – 11 June.